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"Thank you for another great show and for your fabulous confidence boosting, all inclusive, fantastic theatre school."

- Tracy

"Absolutely fantastic once again! The kids were all amazing as was the wonderful Andrew Curphey who makes it all possible for our lovely cherubs!! Thanks to Andrew, Debbie and all the staff for all you do"

- Barbara

"The Andrew Curphey Theatre Company are amazing and I’m so glad we are part of the family"


- Kate

"A BIG THANKS to Andrew Curphey Theatre Company for all your hard work and commitment you put in, but most importantly for giving the young people the confidence to believe in themselves"

- Vickie

"It never ceases to amaze me how you can make sure every child has their moment to shine!"

- Andrea

"How you and the team are with the children are truly beautiful your energy is infectious"

- Wendy

"You are doing a fantastic job Andrew and all your team"

- Sophie

"Such another fabulous show Andrew Curphey Theatre Company, you and your team invest so much time and effort into the children and it really does show"

- Lindsay

"Andrew Curphey Theatre Company and everyone associated with them, yet another incredible show! Thank you yet again for making me happy and cry and giving me goosebumps! Never ever stop doing what you do Andrew, you are one of a kind!"

- Michelle

"I’ve never seen so many kids just having so much fun!"

- Jenni

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